The Valiant Midstream Difference


Valiant Midstream is set apart by our direct experience constructing and operating the full spectrum of midstream solutions.

Our Leadership’s Diverse Background

Results Driven Performance


Operational reliability is paramount. At Valiant Midstream, we protect producer investments by setting industry leading maintenance metrics and contractually guaranteeing high run-time for our assets to protect producer value.

Pace Setting

Proven track record of quick midstream facility installation and will enter into performance-based obligations to stay ahead of production forecasts and ensure wells are connected on-time.


We will guide commitment to excellence in performance by offering transparent, producer friendly contacts with clear obligations that guarantee premium service and execute projects that are completed on time.


Construction, operations and commercial leaders will provide detailed weekly updates. Along with the weekly emailed reports, we will have project teams calls and routine face-to-face communications.


Valiant Midstream understands the importance of commitment to reliable, low-pressure gathering service. Each compressor station is constructed with common suction to maximize redundancy and minimize volume impact during routine maintenance.

Residue Markets

We do more than gather and process wellhead gas. At Valiant Midstream, we work with producers to provide access to multiple premium markets to drive netbacks up. Valiant Midstream stands ready to provide tailored marketing services to increase flow assurance and maximize value.