Safety is Our Priority

We ensure that safe operating conditions and a safe work environment will never be compromised.

Responsive and Flexible

Our upstream experience provides perspective that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to execution and we will respond and adjust without hesitation when the inevitable occurs.

Commitment to Improvement

We constantly seek to improve our performance by encouraging creative innovation and rigorous analysis of all producer feedback, operating data, processes, and procedures.

Steward of the Environment

We have a commitment to environmental stewardship and actively manage our environmental risks.

Energy to Excel

Fueled by our energetic approach to midstream, we are driven to provide our producers with the highest level of service and execution, the foundation to the success of Valiant Midstream and its partners.

Community Focused

We commit to maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect for each employee and work hard to uphold our industry relationships, reward our employees, create jobs, and actively give back to our community.