An Innovative, Results-Driven Partner

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Valiant Midstream is focused on creating value for oil and gas producers, both small and large, by providing industry-leading midstream solutions. Valiant Midstream is backed by an initial $150-million equity commitment from Tailwater Capital — a commitment that will increase as our talented team grows the company through strategic acquisitions and new-build projects across the U.S.

Redefining Midstream

Born from a shared vision of what a midstream operator could and should be, Valiant Midstream is driven by an unwavering commitment to provide uniquely designed midstream solutions. Our goal is simple – deliver strong results without compromising our customers’ bottom line. It’s why we believe in creating a tailored, customer-specific approach to every partnership and project we embark on.

And while Valiant Midstream may be a new name to the midstream industry, our expertise and experience are anything but. Lead by a management team with more than five decades of midstream and upstream experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate needs, provide creative out-of-the-box solutions and maintain a rigorous maintenance schedule that keeps our customers’ costs down and run-time up.

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